Pick your own antioxidants

The search for sustainable health and beauty is on most people’s to-do lists but maybe the answer is closer than we think, antioxidants.

Berries are packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and many are coming into season right now with British strawberries among the first to ripen.

But berry goodness can be off-set by the negatives of high carbohydrates, fruit sugar and sharp acidity. The high fibre of fruit is a problem for some people too.

Fruit solutions for wellbeing

Research has proved that ingredients within the wellbeing industry continue to demand for natural credentials and the use of red berries in skincare and supplements meets this expectation head on.

Supplements that harness the goodness of berries and other fruits without the high carb count can be a great way to access all the nutrients with minimum fuss.

Look out for supplements that feature grape seed extract, acai berry or blueberry as these pack a punch way above their pure food value. Our award-winning superfruit supplement Red Magic combines 15 different berries and other plant extracts It’s great for renewing skin, muscle and connective tissue cells and for supporting the immune system.


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