Is SkinAx2™ the vegan alternative to collagen?

Trending across the world, collagen peptides have been a movement all of their own within the beauty industry. With more and more skincare products using collagen as a starring ingredient, it’s easy to be led to believe this is the only thing to consider when re-evaluating our skincare routine. SkinAx2™ is the new kid on the block with plenty to offer, and… it’s vegan.

This ingredient is antioxidant rich from the blend of bioavailable polyphenols from Champagne grapes and French melon, plus zinc and vitamin C. Antioxidants fight against oxidation which damages cell and the genetic material inside them. Our bodies creates free radicals as it processes food, sunlight and toxins such as smoke, pollution and alcohol.

Promoting a youthful aesthetic, antioxidants are good for your health and can promote skin luminosity, smoother skin and retextured skin tone. Not only this, but reduce red/pink hues, rosacea and strengthen skin elasticity.

Although collagen has many benefits, veganism is something we strongly support and want to celebrate in our product such as SkinAx2™ feature in Skin Radiance.

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