How to make collagen peptides a sweet treat

We can all enjoy the benefits of collagen peptides and it’s easy to see why it’s so good for us; stronger joints, youthful skin, quality of hair growth, better nail growth, skin renewal… the list goes on.

By understanding how positive-ly collagen can affect our physical bodies, there are many forms to take supplements without having to boil up a bone broth. However, it’s difficult to access a high dose of collagen which delivers results that also tastes delicious.

Bursting with flavour, Complete Collagen brings a sweet treat to your supplementation routine. Taste buds exploding with orange, lemon, and other citrus fruits, this collagen gel gives you a quick top-up of the collagen you need without any unpleasant flavours or after tastes.

One Sachet, twice the science

Complete Collagen provides 8000mg of collagen peptides (5000mg TENDOFORTE and 3000mg VERISOL®) to the body, formulated to deliver active ligaments and tendons as well as smoother and more elastic skin. However, it has also been paired with vitamin B6, C & E, biotin, zinc, and copper… all proven to improve the nutrients within the skin. These added elements provide a smoother complexion, maintenance of connection tissues, protection of cells from oxidative stress and improve flexibility and movement while contributing to the maintenance of normal connective tissues.


The heavier peptide molecule in the formulation, TENDOFORTE®, can help contribute towards strength within the body, as well as improves flexibility during daily activities. Soft tissue including ligaments and tendons after 3 months of supplementation should be able to provide better performance when moving and running.

VERISOL®– 3000mg

This key collagen peptide provides 15% increased elasticity after 8 weeks, 20% reduced wrinkle volume and 65% increased production of pro collagen 1. After 6 months, VERISOL® should be able to deliver faster and stronger nail growth due to a study with 71% of women having positive results.

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