How to enjoy Wimbledon


For the matches that go on and on, don’t let it eat into your evening. Pamper yourself and pop on a Proto-col Collagen Facemask whilst putting your feet up to watch the winner take their victory in style. Use clean towels and face clothes to remove or let the mask sink into the skin. It’s easy to multi-mask if you know how.

Murray Mount smoothie

Whether you’re lucky enough to have tickets to Centre Court or setting up a picnic on Murrary Mount/Henman Hill enjoy by creating a berry smoothie. The recipe is really whatever you would like, but it must contain the seasonal strawberry. Host your grassy patch of picnic area like Wimbledon’s finest garden party.

Pitch up your own spot

Sit in a pub or outdoor screening and enjoy the matches a little more sociably without worrying if your sneeze will put their serve off. There will be less queuing, you’ll get change from a fiver for a punnet of strawberries and you can cheer as much as you like.

Bathe like an athlete

Okay, so an ice bathe is not for everyone. But it’s important to rest your muscles after a tense match. Run a hot bath with scents such as lavender or chamomile to relax the mind and body. This can be especially effective if you go on to partake in the sport.

Boost your performance

Adding Proto-col Green Magic to your strawberries and cream, or taking capsules washed down by Robinson’s squash to watch your energy levels rise.

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