How many ways are there to take collagen?

The beauty industry is full of passing trends however collagen behaves as an essential component for keeping our bodies firm, springy and youthful. Different ways to absorb collagen include capsules and collagen drinks.

Collagen capsules

The most popular way to quickly get your dose of collagen in is to take collagen capsules. There is no mixing or shaking, the capsules have already been pre-prepared and measured perfectly into capsules.

Complete Collagen

Formulated with two complimentary collagen bovine peptides (3000mg TENDIFORT and 5000mg VERISOL®), Complete Collagen has been designed to deliver healthy skin from the inside out.

Collagen Capsules (90)

Pure collagen capsules have been designed to promote skin, hair and nail health as formulated with premium-grade collagen. Using VERISOL®, these collagen peptides are not only bioavailable but contain both type I and type III collagen.

Collagen Capsules (120)

Clinically proven to increase skin elasticity while visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles, our collagen capsules contain VERISOL®. A unique formulation of bioactive collagen peptides, scientists have rigorously tested this formulation’s ability to support skin health, reduce depth and volume of wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, the appearance of cellulite and improve wound healing. Simply take with a glass of juice after breakfast.

Skin Plus

The answer to an internal skincare solution, Skin Plus not only contains high quality and premium grade collagen peptides but a variety of important minerals and vitamins. 

Collagen Drinks

If you prefer not to take capsules, collagen drinks are a delicious way of getting your collagen in. Try these two options for a fruity twist.

Collagen Shot

Ideal for those who prefer not to take capsules or tablets, this super-strength collagen drink delivers 5000mg of VERISOL®. The Collagen Shot has been formulated to deliver a delicious experience while topping up the natural production of collagen.

Collagen Cordial

The Collagen Cordial is a dilutable drink which has been specifically formulated to be bioavailable. Clinically tested to increase skin elasticity, support skin, nail and hair health this drink also delivers biotin, copper, zinc and vitamin B6, C and E. Not only are we ticking your collagen box but water and hydration too.

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