Family Wellness- a trend of 2019

The world of health and wellness is bursting at the seams with new trends happening every time we take a visit to the clinic. It’s a positive movement and important that everyone makes time for themselves and what they need, but there’s a new kid on the block. This kid being, well, your kids. Family wellness has been adopted by anyone who enjoys nurturing and taking care of themselves and loved one.

Making it possible

Practising holistic methods into your every day may seem already like an impossible job to cram in, let alone for your other family members/ friends. However, it’s become a whole lot easier. Wellness is becoming much more family-friendly and a lot of activities now include children or family bookings. Even in classrooms, children are taught how to balance, wind down, relax and focus on what’s important.


Breath work-

You may think you know how to breathe, but do you know how to meditate? Breath work is a whole new ball game, it uses the person’s mental and physical state to calm the body and balance out the circulation of oxygen. This will leave you feeling energised and anxieties composed.

Sound therapy-

A tradition from Asian cultures, sound therapy incorporates yoga and healing into spa treatments or workshops. This is to help calm the brain and reach a deeper level of relaxation, spiritually this will help to reconcile both the physical body and mind.


 The buzzword and trendiest wellness topic at the moment, CBD has been praised for its underrated health benefits. Legal cannabis-derived oil has been popping up on shelves everywhere included in skincare, supplements and make-up up and down the country.

Location, location, location

Studies from The Global Wellness Institute have been reported that more and more of those searching for property would rather live somewhere with a spa or wellness clinic in close proximity. Individuals are prioritising their health which is a huge revolution in western culture.

Social media aware

As parents, we limit our children’s usage of screen-time. But, do we limit our own time?

This can be something we take away from our parenting, perhaps we need to listen. There are many apps available to track how much time we spend on our phones, especially on social media. It can be important to cut back for the sake of mental health or clarity whilst prioritising with our own children and concentrating on being present.

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