6 Fitness Trends in 2019

It can be difficult to squeeze in the advised three workouts a week, especially if you lead a busy and hectic lifestyle. Gym memberships are becoming increasingly more expensive and it’s not something we particularly fancy after a hard day working. So, we’ve done the hard work for you to find out which are the most effective fitness trends of 2019.

Wellness festivals

If you’re lacking motivation this could be the focus for you, get ready for a wellness festival such as Soul Circus, Festival No.6 and FloVibe. They all combine social exercises such as yoga and pilates with wellness programmes, meditation and delicious food. The large grounds often offer a vast amount of activities and workshops. What could be a better excuse to get fit?

HIIT yoga

No matter your timeframe, the hardcore yoga training programme is designed to strengthen the core of the body and improve balance with relaxing poses in-between. The cardio and strength- training bursts are designed to burn calories with calming in-between sessions to allow the body to breath.

Stay home

Not having to leave the house has an appeal especially for those who lead a busy lifestyle. However, home fitness is no longer centred following a reality star’s latest fitness DVD or doing half-heart’ed squats in front of the TV. Fitness trends have pushed for high-tech workouts tailored to your health and goals. Social media is full of inspiration from a variety of fitness and lifestyle bloggers who offer advice and workout suggestions. Distractions therefore become reduced and the technology will provide you with motivation and mini goals. It is important to make time for yourself and to connect spiritually and physically with your own well-being.  

Working out for less

It has been recorded that the majority of those who book gym classes opt for 45mins or less as opposed to hours on end, nobody has the time but wants quick results. If the work is put in, short and regular workouts can be just as effective when reaching goals and target.

Tracking apps

Nutritional and fitness apps combine your health, results and goals to create lifestyle patterns filled with advice, suggestions and realistic mini- goals in order to achieve your end target. This can be used to improve general well-being or to raise your fitness level which will provide you an easier healthy life to maintain.

Bodyweight training

Strength training has always been focussed on weight plates, barbells and dumbbells which are used to generate building muscle and toning the body. However, exercises which are cheaper and more readily available including squats, sit- ups and lunges can create just as effective results using nothing but body weight.

A Stress Reliever a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Allow yourself time to be mindful as we enter the new season, freshen your outlook and calm any worries or anxieties. Stress is not only bad for your well-being but also has negative side effects such as headaches, poor sleep or skin blemishes. Clear your mind for Spring with these simple stress relievers.  

Monday- Use a planner

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, a really good method of simplifying your mind and not worrying about forgetting vital information is to write it down and plan ahead. By preparing your next few days, weeks or months this type of organisation can help to reduce anxiety as well as help with bad habits such as spending money or unhealthy eating.

Switch up your diet

Stress can be a result of processed, salty or sugary foods which will increase blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. This combination can not only be poor for your health but can be also a trigger to feeling stressed.  

Wednesday- Get active, stay active

There is not a better feeling than after a workout or taking part in an activity. Not only is this a perfect distraction, it helps provide the body with better health but also releases endorphins in the brain. Physical activity can increase feel- good chemicals which enhance a sense of well-being. Exercise can also refocus the mind which is perfect when anxious about a situation or event. Join your local gym, partake in activity classes in your towns leisure centre or even walk and jog with friends. A perfect way to socialise or settle the mind singularly.

Thursday- Learn to meditate

Whether you have tried it before or not, meditation is a great way to experiment with channelling your energy and focus into more productive purposes. When suppressed, stress can be calmly dealt with. Guided meditation is an effective method for beginners to learn new skills and can then apply in your day to day life.

Friday- Try Vita Balance

This potent source of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, bioflavonoids, antioxidants and over 20 botanical herbs have been blended to maintain optimum health and well-being. The proto-col vita-balance helps to improve the immune system and digestive system which can be a side effect as a result of stress. Try 3 per day with a meal.

Saturday- Create a playlist

Listening to, singing along to or playing music is a creative approach to dealing with stress. Relaxing tension muscles with this gentle distraction cannot only lift stress and frustrations, but replace with mood-enhancing endorphins. If you also worry excessively this is can be an element which can be woven into your day either studying, in the workplace, at home or even exercising.

Sunday- Be selfish

To be able to take time for yourself is a very important skill and not enough people recognise when they need to take a day or evening to themselves. Whether that is to catch up on sleep or enjoy your favourite television episodes, learn to enjoy your own company.  

Spring Fever

As spring begins to blossom, albeit prematurely, we start to take advantage of the sunny spells improving both our mental and physical well-being.

When the sun is higher in the sky, there is more sunshine and therefore an even bigger boost of Vitamin D… so the faster we approach the summer the better. The sudden increase of natural light enhances. After dropping levels of Vitamin D from autumn throughout winter, Vitamin D has so many health boosting benefits.

Endorphins and ‘happy’ hormones begin to trigger as a result of the excitement and feelings of hopefulness that spring delivers. The pain-relieving chemicals bring a sentiment of contentment, therefore you’re more likely to want to have a fresh outlook. Spring cleans and organisation increases to make room for the motivated spirits that the weather brings.

An effective excuse to get out and about is to begin exercising outdoors. No matter your fitness level, anybody can enjoy the sun. From swapping the gym to the fields or parks to swapping the sofa for an afternoon stroll, Vitamin D will boost your energy. Exercise also increases endorphins and so creating a perfect pair.

However, remember to include within your skin routine a reliable SPF sunscreen moisturiser or foundation. Whether you’re lucky enough to be jetting off on your holidays or lounging around the garden, the sun can be damaging to skin cells.

5 Hero Products to Achieve Healthier, Younger-Looking Skin

Collagen facemask

The rich collagen facemask has been formulated to top up the skin’s moisture and balance out any impurities embedded within the skin cells. Left for 15 minutes, the face mask works its way through the skin and uplifts dirt and grime whilst plumping the skins surface and blurring wrinkles and fine lines.

The lift xl

Next, add the lift xl to problem areas such as the eyes, forehead or neck. Use alone or apply the collagen facial serum once dry. The blend of quinoa and hyaluronic acid are combined to temporarily lift, firm and tighten the skin. The lift xl also contains plant-derived collagen to help boost the skin’s natural production, resulting in achieving healthier, younger-looking skin for longer.  

Collagen facial serum

As a follow-on step from the lift xl, or to be used alone, this lightweight fluid nourishes and protects whilst hydrating the skin to provide a firmer complexion. The silk filled serum is formulated to apply a plumping action to the skin from beneath the surface to smooth fine lines and leave your face and neck feeling soft.

Moisturising facial gel

After applying the face mask and patting the skin dry, your face will be cleansed and prepared for the moisturising facial gel. A light but luxury daily facial gel, this formula is made up of high-quality ingredients to provide a high-grade anti-ageing product.

Skin plus

After your evening meal or just before bed, take up to three skin plus capsules for the best results whilst your body heals and recovers throughout the night during the rest period. Your body’s natural collagen production decreases from the age of 25 at least 1% every year. It has been proven that women lose collagen faster than men during ageing and particularly during menopause. Skin plus contains pure collagen hydrolysate, hyaluronic acid and vitamins A, C, D and E to help boost your skin’s collagen production and maintain healthy hair, skin and nails.

Skin Care for You

According to the British Skin Foundation, 60% of Britain suffer from a skin condition.

Skin care is difficult to get right, often unsure what suits your face or what will react to your skin well. Beautiful skin starts from within and tackling what you should be using is half the battle; the other half being to find your routine.


No matter what age you are, your skin is maturing and it is therefore important to preserve your youthful complexion whilst protecting it with SPF. SPF isn’t just for sunny holidays or summer vacations, it should be used all year round. Ultraviolet types UVA and UVB are vital to stay clear from. Harmful effects from the sunshine including sunburn can be responsible for deeper issues within the skin such as ageing or even diseases such as skin cancer.

skin radiance

This product is designed to internally tackle poor complexion with a range of luxurious ingredients such as Champagne grapes, melon S.O.D, zinc and vitamin C. The antioxidants provide protection for the skin, whilst it improves uneven skin colour of red tones by 35% and olive hues by 22%.

omega 3, 6 & 9

Omega 3 has been proven to help signs of eczema, acne and even wrinkles. The fatty acids play a vital role in both the structure and appearance of skin.   

The skin you have on your surface today was originally made inside the dermis from a month ago, when looking at your skin cells under a microscope, each is surrounded by two layers of fat that makes up the cell wall. However, as skin matures, the skin loses moisture and elasticity. When these thinner skin cells reach the surface, they form as wrinkles with less of a protective barrier.


This herb is well known for anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, reducing acne and preventing blemishes from increasing. Turmeric is well known for protecting against sun damage and reducing the appearance of stretch marks. It has been reported that one ounce of turmeric gives you 26% of your daily requirement of manganese and 16% of your daily requirement of iron.

skin plus

This beauty supplement features as one of the best anti-ageing formulations on the market with 5 key ingredients specially designed to combat maturing skin. These include collagen hydrolysate, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. These elements help to maintain moisture and flexibility within the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

collagen shots

This powerful shot of fruit juice contains quality collagen to improve the appearance of wrinkles, skin elasticity, skin tonicity and firmness. Collagen protein is the most abundant of all proteins throughout the human body and occurs naturally within all connective tissue as well as skin and nails.

vita balance

This product helps provide nutritional support for hundreds of metabolic processes in the body which require one or more vitamins and minerals.

Combating Winter Skin

Winter has some wonderful highlights… log fires and crisp forest walks are two of my favourite, however  if even the thought of mixing that cold air with central heating can make your skin dry, these five tips will be perfect over the winter months.


It may seem repetitive to read but your diet affects almost everything, even dry skin. Consuming natural fats such as avocado, olive oils and oily fish can mean that your skin is being plumped up internally whilst feeding moisture into the skin cells. Lastly and most importantly drink as much water as you can to re-hydrate from the inside out.

Bubble baths aren't always the answer

It may seem tempting to run yourself a hot bath especially this time of year, when the evenings draw shorter and darker and the weather is nothing but gloomy. When it’s this cold, it feels like the only way to properly defrost is to whack up the heating. It would be a good suggestion to have short mild showers during periods of cold weather, or, make sure to use bath oils, bath milks and moisturisers in order to replenish the skin immediately after drying off. Long baths or hot showers can strip the body of its natural oils especially this time of year, leaving the skin dry and neglected.

Don't forget about your hair

Look around, everyone’s hair seems dry or less sleek. Hair can also become brittle at this time of year, any hairdresser would advise to use a hair mask every one- two weeks however this time of year can call for a couple a week depending on hair type. Also- don’t be afraid to use conditioner on your skin as well as your hair. 

A lip tip

A little lip- tip… pick up a couple of proto-col miracle balms to keep one with you at work or at home and one on the go in your handbag or pocket. You’d be surprised what an easy habit it is to keep your lips moisturised at all times. Simple but effective, lips are the first to suffer when forgotten about during the winter months.

Humidifiers are worth the investment  

Humidifiers are your new best friend, an investment worth making. Humidifiers will also do a similar job by adding a cool sprinkling of moisture into the air to prevent it sucking any moisture from your skin.

Jamie- Lee, Head Therapist at proto-col clinic, says, ‘The golden rule is, the more moisture in the air… the more moisture in the skin.’.  Keeping pebbles or a bowl of water by your radiator will help replenish the air especially overnight, giving the skin moisture to top itself up. You’ll be surprised how dry the pebbles are, or how empty the bowl of water is by the morning.

The Benefits of Massage

Massage is widely thought of as an indulgence but what many people are unaware of is just how many benefits it can have on the body and mind. Improved well-being and massage have a closer relationship than you may think, the relaxing treatment can reduce anxieties and stress as well as relieve pains and inflammations.

Listed below are just a few of the many reasons you should consider having a massage on a regular basis:

  • Improves muscle relaxation
  • Increases circulation
  • Relieves anxiety and stress
  • Reduces inflammation after exercise 
  • Improves sleep
  • Promotes relaxation through the entire body and mind
  • Eases muscle soreness after exercise
  • Improves posture
  • Relieves tension in headaches
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage (your body’s way of eliminating toxins).

Massage can be a powerful tool to help take charge of your health and well-being and maintain tensions. Proto-col Clinic will be hosting a Valentine’s/ Palentine’s afternoon providing massage treatments for couples or friends; 

Full Body Massage £65 per couple


Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage £50 per couple

Book by February 9th to secure a space on February 14th.