When to take Complete Collagen on-the-go

Remembering to take collagen can be really awkward, too busy, too tired, too many other priorities… it’s easy to feel like there’s no space for it. With all the benefits of Complete Collagen, it’s important to find a spot in your day to enjoy your sweet treat.

  1. Between changes on the train
  2. the car before you head home from the gym
  3. While you’re waiting for the kettle to boil
  4. Mid bike ride
  5. While you’re waiting for the bus
  6. On the walk to work
  7. Post-dinner ‘something sweet’
  8. During adverts
  9. Between meetings
  10. When you’re put on hold
  11. Waiting for the bath to run
  12. When you’re procrastinating
  13. During your skincare routine
  14. While your laptop restarts
  15. At the school gates during pick up time

How many ways are there to take collagen?

The beauty industry is full of passing trends however collagen behaves as an essential component for keeping our bodies firm, springy and youthful. Different ways to absorb collagen include capsules and collagen drinks.

Collagen capsules

The most popular way to quickly get your dose of collagen in is to take collagen capsules. There is no mixing or shaking, the capsules have already been pre-prepared and measured perfectly into capsules.

Complete Collagen

Formulated with two complimentary collagen bovine peptides (3000mg TENDIFORT and 5000mg VERISOL®), Complete Collagen has been designed to deliver healthy skin from the inside out.

Collagen Capsules (90)

Pure collagen capsules have been designed to promote skin, hair and nail health as formulated with premium-grade collagen. Using VERISOL®, these collagen peptides are not only bioavailable but contain both type I and type III collagen.

Collagen Capsules (120)

Clinically proven to increase skin elasticity while visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles, our collagen capsules contain VERISOL®. A unique formulation of bioactive collagen peptides, scientists have rigorously tested this formulation’s ability to support skin health, reduce depth and volume of wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, the appearance of cellulite and improve wound healing. Simply take with a glass of juice after breakfast.

Skin Plus

The answer to an internal skincare solution, Skin Plus not only contains high quality and premium grade collagen peptides but a variety of important minerals and vitamins. 

Collagen Drinks

If you prefer not to take capsules, collagen drinks are a delicious way of getting your collagen in. Try these two options for a fruity twist.

Collagen Shot

Ideal for those who prefer not to take capsules or tablets, this super-strength collagen drink delivers 5000mg of VERISOL®. The Collagen Shot has been formulated to deliver a delicious experience while topping up the natural production of collagen.

Collagen Cordial

The Collagen Cordial is a dilutable drink which has been specifically formulated to be bioavailable. Clinically tested to increase skin elasticity, support skin, nail and hair health this drink also delivers biotin, copper, zinc and vitamin B6, C and E. Not only are we ticking your collagen box but water and hydration too.

How to make collagen peptides a sweet treat

Collagen peptides

We can all enjoy the benefits of collagen peptides and it’s easy to see why it’s so good for us; stronger joints, youthful skin, quality of hair growth, better nail growth, skin renewal… the list goes on.

By understanding how positive-ly collagen can affect our physical bodies, there are many forms to take supplements without having to boil up a bone broth. However, it’s difficult to access a high dose of collagen which delivers results that also tastes delicious.

Bursting with flavour, Complete Collagen brings a sweet treat to your supplementation routine. Taste buds exploding with orange, lemon, and other citrus fruits, this collagen gel gives you a quick top-up of the collagen you need without any unpleasant flavours or after tastes.

One Sachet, twice the science

Complete Collagen provides 8000mg of collagen peptides (5000mg TENDOFORTE and 3000mg VERISOL®) to the body, formulated to deliver active ligaments and tendons as well as smoother and more elastic skin. However, it has also been paired with vitamin B6, C & E, biotin, zinc, and copper… all proven to improve the nutrients within the skin. These added elements provide a smoother complexion, maintenance of connection tissues, protection of cells from oxidative stress and improve flexibility and movement while contributing to the maintenance of normal connective tissues.


The heavier peptide molecule in the formulation, TENDOFORTE®, can help contribute towards strength within the body, as well as improves flexibility during daily activities. Soft tissue including ligaments and tendons after 3 months of supplementation should be able to provide better performance when moving and running.

VERISOL®– 3000mg

This key collagen peptide provides 15% increased elasticity after 8 weeks, 20% reduced wrinkle volume and 65% increased production of pro collagen 1. After 6 months, VERISOL® should be able to deliver faster and stronger nail growth due to a study with 71% of women having positive results.

How do I know when I’m lacking in vitamins?

Even those with the healthiest of lifestyles may fall short of having enough vitamins and nutrients. Read on for how to spot any deficiencies.

High blood pressure

This would indicate your Vitamin D levels need topping up. If you can boost your vitamin D, you will also find your skin brightening too, as well as stronger bones and teeth. Vitamin D can be difficult to get from food, look into pairing dairy products and supplements for the ultimate enhancement.

Brittle nails and hair

These would suggest your collagen levels are continuously dropping, suggest immediate supplementation. From the age of 25 your collagen levels begin to drop by 1.5%. By the age of 40 your collagen levels have dropped by 30%.

You’re feeling lethargic

Constantly yawning and needing a sudden kick of energy may mean you’re not getting enough sleep, but it can also mean you have a lack of Vitamin C. Other signs of a lack of vitamin C include bleeding gums, rough and bumpy skin, easy bruising.

Several recent fractures

Your maximum levels of bone strength peak at the age of 30. Having a deficiency in calcium can risk your chances of developing osteopenia which causes low bone mass and increases the risk of breaking bones.

Dizzy spells

When you get a sudden rush for standing up to quickly, feel dizzy at random times or suffer from tiredness, your iron levels may be particularly low. This would mean you don’t have enough red blood cells and you could go on to develop anaemia. Iron will help boost this production and reduce the light-headedness.  

Pick your own antioxidants

The search for sustainable health and beauty is on most people’s to-do lists but maybe the answer is closer than we think, antioxidants.

Berries are packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and many are coming into season right now with British strawberries among the first to ripen.

But berry goodness can be off-set by the negatives of high carbohydrates, fruit sugar and sharp acidity. The high fibre of fruit is a problem for some people too.

Fruit solutions for wellbeing

Research has proved that ingredients within the wellbeing industry continue to demand for natural credentials and the use of red berries in skincare and supplements meets this expectation head on.

Supplements that harness the goodness of berries and other fruits without the high carb count can be a great way to access all the nutrients with minimum fuss.

Look out for supplements that feature grape seed extract, acai berry or blueberry as these pack a punch way above their pure food value. Our award-winning superfruit supplement Red Magic combines 15 different berries and other plant extracts It’s great for renewing skin, muscle and connective tissue cells and for supporting the immune system.


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Is SkinAx2™ the vegan alternative to collagen?

Trending across the world, collagen peptides have been a movement all of their own within the beauty industry. With more and more skincare products using collagen as a starring ingredient, it’s easy to be led to believe this is the only thing to consider when re-evaluating our skincare routine. SkinAx2™ is the new kid on the block with plenty to offer, and… it’s vegan.

This ingredient is antioxidant rich from the blend of bioavailable polyphenols from Champagne grapes and French melon, plus zinc and vitamin C. Antioxidants fight against oxidation which damages cell and the genetic material inside them. Our bodies creates free radicals as it processes food, sunlight and toxins such as smoke, pollution and alcohol.

Promoting a youthful aesthetic, antioxidants are good for your health and can promote skin luminosity, smoother skin and retextured skin tone. Not only this, but reduce red/pink hues, rosacea and strengthen skin elasticity.

Although collagen has many benefits, veganism is something we strongly support and want to celebrate in our product such as SkinAx2™ feature in Skin Radiance.

Family Wellness- a trend of 2019

The world of health and wellness is bursting at the seams with new trends happening every time we take a visit to the clinic. It’s a positive movement and important that everyone makes time for themselves and what they need, but there’s a new kid on the block. This kid being, well, your kids. Family wellness has been adopted by anyone who enjoys nurturing and taking care of themselves and loved one.

Making it possible

Practising holistic methods into your every day may seem already like an impossible job to cram in, let alone for your other family members/ friends. However, it’s become a whole lot easier. Wellness is becoming much more family-friendly and a lot of activities now include children or family bookings. Even in classrooms, children are taught how to balance, wind down, relax and focus on what’s important.


Breath work-

You may think you know how to breathe, but do you know how to meditate? Breath work is a whole new ball game, it uses the person’s mental and physical state to calm the body and balance out the circulation of oxygen. This will leave you feeling energised and anxieties composed.

Sound therapy-

A tradition from Asian cultures, sound therapy incorporates yoga and healing into spa treatments or workshops. This is to help calm the brain and reach a deeper level of relaxation, spiritually this will help to reconcile both the physical body and mind.


 The buzzword and trendiest wellness topic at the moment, CBD has been praised for its underrated health benefits. Legal cannabis-derived oil has been popping up on shelves everywhere included in skincare, supplements and make-up up and down the country.

Location, location, location

Studies from The Global Wellness Institute have been reported that more and more of those searching for property would rather live somewhere with a spa or wellness clinic in close proximity. Individuals are prioritising their health which is a huge revolution in western culture.

Social media aware

As parents, we limit our children’s usage of screen-time. But, do we limit our own time?

This can be something we take away from our parenting, perhaps we need to listen. There are many apps available to track how much time we spend on our phones, especially on social media. It can be important to cut back for the sake of mental health or clarity whilst prioritising with our own children and concentrating on being present.

How to enjoy Wimbledon


For the matches that go on and on, don’t let it eat into your evening. Pamper yourself and pop on a Proto-col Collagen Facemask whilst putting your feet up to watch the winner take their victory in style. Use clean towels and face clothes to remove or let the mask sink into the skin. It’s easy to multi-mask if you know how.

Murray Mount smoothie

Whether you’re lucky enough to have tickets to Centre Court or setting up a picnic on Murrary Mount/Henman Hill enjoy by creating a berry smoothie. The recipe is really whatever you would like, but it must contain the seasonal strawberry. Host your grassy patch of picnic area like Wimbledon’s finest garden party.

Pitch up your own spot

Sit in a pub or outdoor screening and enjoy the matches a little more sociably without worrying if your sneeze will put their serve off. There will be less queuing, you’ll get change from a fiver for a punnet of strawberries and you can cheer as much as you like.

Bathe like an athlete

Okay, so an ice bathe is not for everyone. But it’s important to rest your muscles after a tense match. Run a hot bath with scents such as lavender or chamomile to relax the mind and body. This can be especially effective if you go on to partake in the sport.

Boost your performance

Adding Proto-col Green Magic to your strawberries and cream, or taking capsules washed down by Robinson’s squash to watch your energy levels rise.

Manage your anxiety with these tips

Last month we spread awareness during Mental Health Awareness Week. However, mental health is still a huge topic across the country. Stats report that in the UK 1 in 6 people are affected by anxiety and depression. Whether you experience it as fleeting feelings of unease, dread or full blown panic, anxiety is something that we all have to manage in our day to day lives. It’s important to put yourself first and make your well-being a priority. 

For those times when the scales begin to tilt and the anxiety overwhelms you, it is good to have a couple of techniques up your sleeve to keep it in check! 

Talk to someone you trust

Reach out to others for support. Seeking help from friends and family helps to put everything into perspective and gives you the chance to offload and work through those nagging worries.

Alternatively, if you feel that it’s having an impact on your daily life you might want to get some expert help. Taking the leap to seeing a professional can seem a bit daunting, however, having a set weekly time to discuss your feelings with someone experienced can make a huge difference.

Work through your worries 

Get journal-ing! Put aside time in the morning or evening to write down all the things that are on your mind.  Are your worries rational or realistic, is there anything you can do about them?

Try challenging your worries – you might find that this helps you to change your outlook.

Mindfulness for grounding

Whether it’s taking time out to meditate or just practising mindfulness as you go about your day, whenever your anxiety crops up try noticing what thoughts you are having, or what is happening in your environment. Understanding your patterns of anxiety and what triggers you are prone too, can help you make changes.

Healthy habits for a healthy mind

Looking after your physical health can do wonders for your mental wellbeing, here are three areas that are proven to impact anxiety levels:

  • Healthy and regular meals – including a healthy mix of proteins, fats and complex carbs can help to level out your blood sugar levels and stop spikes and dips which can trigger or exacerbate anxiety.
  • Exercise – Including some gentle exercise such as yoga, jogging or Pilates can really help to ground you and get those mood-boosting endorphins flowing. Just don’t overdo it, as overexersising is another stressor on your body that can add more fuel to the flames.
  • Sleep – Get a sleep routine set up to ensure you aren’t missing out on those all-important zzz’s. Sleep has been shown to have a big impact on many psychological factors including mood and anxiety.

The truth behind laser hair removal

We’ve tried every hair removal tack tick under the sun… from shaving, plucking, threading to waxing. But, what about laser hair removal?

We ask our Beauty Therapist the secrets tips and secrets behind laser hair removal:

“How does Laser hair removal work?

A gentle burst of laser light penetrates into the skin and the root of the hair. This targets the brown pigment (melanin) in the hair shaft.

The hair absorbs the light energy and turns it into heat. The heating up of the follicle disables the hair growth. The hair then needs to be treated in the growing stage of the hair cycle which means several sessions are needed to catch each hair.

What are the benefits of Laser hair removals compared to waxing, shaving etc.?

The benefits of laser compared to alternatives such as waxing or shaving are that the results are longer lasting. During the course of laser sessions any hairs that come back are much finer and sparse. After the course of treatments you may only need 1 session as a follow up.

Can anyone have laser hair removal

Laser works best on people with light skin and dark hairs. Although darker skin types will still get good effects. Unfortunately laser doesn’t work on blonde, red or white hair as there isn’t enough melanin for the laser to target. There are some medical conditions but we always go through a consultation beforehand to ensure that the laser is suitable.

How many treatments does it usually take to get the desired effect?

Generally it is recommended that a course of  6-8 treatments will achieve the desired effects but sometimes more may be needed. People usually see a reduction in hair growth after just 2 sessions.

How much does it cost per session?

Laser costs as little as £20 per session but the price varies depending on the area being treated.

What does it feel like, is it painful?

The best way to describe the feeling is like being flicked with an elastic band. It can feel a little uncomfortable and hot but we use a cooling system alongside the laser to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

How can I prepare for my session?

It is important to avoid sun exposure for 6 weeks prior to your first treatment but also to ensure that your skin is free of self tan for 2 weeks beforehand. We recommend shaving the area that is to be treated in order to avoid waxing, plucking or threading for 6 weeks. Avoid using any lotions or creams on the day of the treatment.

What can I expect after a session and how can I care for my skin?

Expect to feel a little sore for up to 24 hours. The area may be red and have a goose bump effect but this is normal and means the treatment has been effective. Avoid heat treatments, perfumed products and exercise for 48 hours. SPF30 or above should be used at all times between sessions or alternatively it is best to keep the area covered up from sun exposure. Aloe vera gel can be applied at home to help soothe the skin but generally it is not required.”

– Jamie-Lee, Beauty Therapist at the Proto-col Clinic