How do I know when I’m lacking in vitamins?

Even those with the healthiest of lifestyles may fall short of having enough vitamins and nutrients. Read on for how to spot any deficiencies.

High blood pressure

This would indicate your Vitamin D levels need topping up. If you can boost your vitamin D, you will also find your skin brightening too, as well as stronger bones and teeth. Vitamin D can be difficult to get from food, look into pairing dairy products and supplements for the ultimate enhancement.

Brittle nails and hair

These would suggest your collagen levels are continuously dropping, suggest immediate supplementation. From the age of 25 your collagen levels begin to drop by 1.5%. By the age of 40 your collagen levels have dropped by 30%.

You’re feeling lethargic

Constantly yawning and needing a sudden kick of energy may mean you’re not getting enough sleep, but it can also mean you have a lack of Vitamin C. Other signs of a lack of vitamin C include bleeding gums, rough and bumpy skin, easy bruising.

Several recent fractures

Your maximum levels of bone strength peak at the age of 30. Having a deficiency in calcium can risk your chances of developing osteopenia which causes low bone mass and increases the risk of breaking bones.

Dizzy spells

When you get a sudden rush for standing up to quickly, feel dizzy at random times or suffer from tiredness, your iron levels may be particularly low. This would mean you don’t have enough red blood cells and you could go on to develop anaemia. Iron will help boost this production and reduce the light-headedness.