Why sun protection is so important

We’re constantly reminded to wear SPF, but why? Moisturisers with sun protection are formulated to protect us from harmful sun rays which can damage our health in the short and long term. One of the most important rules when spending time in the sunshine is to protect before you are affected.

Look at the best before date

You may think that because SPF isn’t edible it doesn’t have an expiry date, you are wrong. It’s important to check the packaging and make sure it is still just as protective as it was first formulated to be.

How much you apply

It’s not just for stopping sunburn, there’s a science to it. The FDA have suggested 2mg per square centimetre of skin. Imagine using half a tea spoon for your face and neck whilst using more for your legs, arms, chest and back. Apply a small amount and let it sink in, then apply the rest so the skin is fully topped up. Repeat depending on the severity of the sun UVA or UVB rays. 

Don’t rub it in

SPF moisturisers need a chance to sink in, avoid any old habits to rub in but to leave it to sit and protect the skin whilst leaving pores unclogged. It will also avoid your palms soaking up most the goodness.

UVB rays really are that bad

There are many types of sunlight, but ultraviolet B rays are the ones which damage your skin and are responsible for producing sunburn. UVB rays can also be responsible for causing skin cancers including malignant melanoma.

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Family Wellness- a trend of 2019

The world of health and wellness is bursting at the seams with new trends happening every time we take a visit to the clinic. It’s a positive movement and important that everyone makes time for themselves and what they need, but there’s a new kid on the block. This kid being, well, your kids. Family wellness has been adopted by anyone who enjoys nurturing and taking care of themselves and loved one.

Making it possible

Practising holistic methods into your every day may seem already like an impossible job to cram in, let alone for your other family members/ friends. However, it’s become a whole lot easier. Wellness is becoming much more family-friendly and a lot of activities now include children or family bookings. Even in classrooms, children are taught how to balance, wind down, relax and focus on what’s important.


Breath work-

You may think you know how to breathe, but do you know how to meditate? Breath work is a whole new ball game, it uses the person’s mental and physical state to calm the body and balance out the circulation of oxygen. This will leave you feeling energised and anxieties composed.

Sound therapy-

A tradition from Asian cultures, sound therapy incorporates yoga and healing into spa treatments or workshops. This is to help calm the brain and reach a deeper level of relaxation, spiritually this will help to reconcile both the physical body and mind.


 The buzzword and trendiest wellness topic at the moment, CBD has been praised for its underrated health benefits. Legal cannabis-derived oil has been popping up on shelves everywhere included in skincare, supplements and make-up up and down the country.

Location, location, location

Studies from The Global Wellness Institute have been reported that more and more of those searching for property would rather live somewhere with a spa or wellness clinic in close proximity. Individuals are prioritising their health which is a huge revolution in western culture.

Social media aware

As parents, we limit our children’s usage of screen-time. But, do we limit our own time?

This can be something we take away from our parenting, perhaps we need to listen. There are many apps available to track how much time we spend on our phones, especially on social media. It can be important to cut back for the sake of mental health or clarity whilst prioritising with our own children and concentrating on being present.

How to take the stress out of holiday packing

Some of us do holiday packing in advance with a check list, some of us pack last minute and wing it, and some of us are in-between, who plan to be organised but ends up freestyling last minute. Then we have those that fold beautifully, those who roll and those who pretend to fold but really just create more creases. Everybody is different when it comes to holiday packing and it doesn’t matter if you’re a mum, if you’re a young couple going for your first holiday or even if you’re planning an annual lads holiday… packing can be stressful. We’ve collected some tips for you to take away and practise:

Tick off lists

Not only is swiping, striking or ticking something off a list satisfying, it makes sure that you’ve got everything that you need. Better still, if you create the list early, you can add to it and review it when you suddenly remember you’ve forgotten your pants.

Go for a similar style

The inevitable will happen, you will spill something on that top that you’ve been saving for your holiday since purchasing last weekend. And, it will get cold at times no matter where you’re going… but having a cover up or spare top that you know will match what you’re already wearing will mean packing less. Not only this, but if you want to wear a pair of shorts a couple of times, you know you have plenty of tops to go with them etc.

Leave spare weight for shopping

So you’ve weighed your case and it says 19.8kg. This isn’t great when you will no doubt see things that will catch your eye, or you think will make a nice gift or keep sake. Leaving space and weight in your case for extras will mean you won’t have to hold back when you decide to partake in some retail shopping.

Dirty laundry drawstring bag

There is nothing worse than having your dirty washing floating around your fresh, clean and neatly folded clothes. Drawstring bags are ideal for hanging on the back of a door, a chair or handle to get into the habit of chucking your dirty clothes straight into an organised space.

Collagen drinks for every party host

Heard through the grape vine that collagen is the best beauty secret but hesitant to try the ingestible route? Collagen drinks can be a lot more glamorous than just a handful of capsules.

Proto-col’s award-winning Collagen Shots are clinically proven to strengthen nails, quality of hair and structure of your skin. Specifically designed to combat the signs of ageing by utilising type I and type III Collagen Hydrolysate with Zinc, Biotin and Vitamins B, C, E. To boost the collagen your body begins to lose from the age of 25 is crucial to every beauty guru’s routine.

Here are some Collagen drinks for every party host:


Add the red berry shots to still or fizzy lemonade with raspberries and ice, measure to your taste and sip throughout the hot summer months.

Collagen Cooler

Mix a Collagen Shot with a smoothie mix of your choice, my suggestion would be strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries for a sweet mix. The smoothie will not only be packed full of beauty magic but will taste delicious.

Red Mojito

Add to a fresh red berry juice and mix to enjoy a morning mocktail. Add Green Magic for the ultimate boost of energy packed full of vitamins, nutrients and collagen. Finally, top with a sprig of mint.

Collagen Fizz

If you’re feeling like celebrating, add a Collagen Shot to a glass of prosecco and mix. Add raspberries for decoration and clink glasses with your closest girl friends.